Any Size, Any Shape, Seal it in a Flash

Precision-cut from 60-mil TPO or PVC membrane and hand welded for the highest quality.

Standard Cones

Roofing Vents

Proper ventilation is essential for any roofing structure. Attic spaces below roofs contained trapped air that is susceptible to high temperatures. Increasing heat with nowhere to go will result in damaged or cracked singles, shortening the lifespan and decreasing the efficacy of a roof. In the colder, rainier months, a roof without adequate ventilation can be at risk for mold, rot and other condensation problems. At Acme Cone Company, we aim to make ventilation a seamless, simple addition to your roofing project. With our roof vent flashings, we help you cut down on labor costs and boost productivity. Our roofing vents come prefabricated so you can flash a roof in just that – a flash!