You know that a properly ventilated roof is key to its performance and lifespan. Wrong or improper ventilation can lead to condensation and moisture build-up that will cause the system to prematurely fail. 

Ventilation and vent flashings are typically two separate products that, when combined, create a holistic solution. Here at Acme Cone, we understand that’s a hassle so we’ve created an all-in-one answer for you: Our 12” turbine vent. This roof turbine combines the standard operation of a PVC roof vent with the lasting protection of vent flashings to deliver you a product that will keep any roof leak-free. 

Dimensions12" Turbine Vent/Whirlybird: 12"H, 20x20 Base, 6.5 lbs
                        Collar only: 12"TD, 14"BD, 8.5"H, 11"F (36x36" Base)

Things To Know [FAQ]: 

What is a Turbine Vent?

Turbine vents are built to keep spaces free of warm, humid air which reduces a room’s susceptibility to moisture damage, mold, and other moisture-based complications. 

These vents require no electricity to operate, just wind, making them an energy-efficient solution for any ventilation issue! When the wind is blowing in the correct direction, it causes the turbine to spin and pull warm air from below the roof. 

What Is PVC?

PVC [polyvinyl chloride] is a type of plastic that is best known for its waterproof and durable properties. PVC is one of Acme Cone’s single-ply roofing solutions for any kind of roof joints and membranes. 

What is the lifespan of PVC?

As PVC engineering has evolved, so has its lifespan! PVC can last anywhere from 15 to 30 years, depending on the situation. Easy to install, durable and waterproof, PVC is a go-to material for long-term flashing solutions. 

What Type of Vents Does Acme Cone Produce?

We have several different types of vents available for any ventilation you may encounter during or after roof construction: 

  • Gravity Vents
  • Breather Vents
  • T-Top VEnts
  • RVO Vent and Collar Combo 

Need something else? We’re here to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call or request a quote today so we can keep your roof dry tomorrow. 

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12” Turbine Vent