Roofers Turned Problem Solvers

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Where Home Meets Resilience

Our story begins right here at the Acme Cone Company, in a place where the rain just won't quit, and the Pacific Northwest shows off its four seasons. In this unique neck of the woods, our roof flashing takes on the elements, enduring winter's punches, and the hot summer sun. It's the climate where even the tiniest detail, like our roof flashing, makes all the difference. The type of town where your business is only as good as your word and hard work will always get you home for dinner.

Our Team, Our Family

Meet the Folks Who Made Up the Acme Cone Company Family

Rick Montoya

Head of Sales and Marketing

Sergio Acosta

Assistant Operations Manager

Jade Headings

Customer Support and Logistics

Eflin Ramirez

Customer Service Representative

Andy LeGendre

Operations Manager

The Payoff of Good Old Dedication

Fifteen years back, we set out on a journey right here at the Acme Cone Company. We kicked things off by crafting our very first prefabricated flashing. We rolled up our sleeves, welded by hand, and reinforced our membranes. The result? Our hardworking crews could get the job done faster without sacrificing quality. Today, the Acme Cone Company's team specializes in creating top-notch custom and standard roof flashing available in the market. Their dedication upholds our tradition of innovation and a commitment to service that's simply who we are.

From Roofers to Problem-Solving Wizards

We're not just your average roofers; we're solution engineers here at the Acme Cone Company. We started on a mission to make our crews more efficient, but somewhere along the way, we decided to shake up the entire industry. With years of hands-on experience, we've figured out the real difference between flashing and true protection using the Acme Cone Company's roof flashing. Our journey to success has shown us the value of innovation.

Roofing is our trade, but finding solutions is Acme Cone’s passion. Rest assured, quality is the name of the game when it comes to our exceptional roof flashing.