Stop Losing Money Flashing in the Field
August 26, 2020 //

Stop Losing Money Flashing in the Field

We’ve done the time study to prove that prefabricated flashings take about half as much time as flashing on the job site. With the current labor shortage and skilled labor getting harder and harder to find, give your crews the tools and materials they need to work more efficiently and complete more jobs in the same amount of time.

Invest in Improvement

Change can be difficult. You’ve done something the same way for years and implementing a new process, a new tool, or a new product can seem daunting. It’s natural to think that switching to a new process may have a steep learning curve but, in the end, taking the time to implement that change results in improved efficiencies and increased profits.

Embrace New Roofing Technology

Take a step back and evaluate the way you run your roofing business and the ways you could do it more efficiently. Advancements in software, products, and accessories have introduced new materials that are faster and easier to install (think peel and stick products).

Acme Cone’s prefabricated flashings provide an alternative solution to conventional flashing methods. Because our products are made in a controlled environment from reinforced TPO, they provide better protection for the critical penetration points on the roof. In the ten years of manufacturing standard and custom flashing, we’ve had zero failures reported on any of our products.

Try our Pre-Fabricated Flashing Products

Contact us and give our prefabricated flashings a try. Your crews will be happier that they no longer have to fight the elements to cut membranes in the field, your building owners will be happier with no leaks at penetration points, and you will be happier with lower labor costs on each project.