Introducing the New & Improved Universal Pipe Collar
August 26, 2020 //

Introducing the New & Improved Universal Pipe Collar

Our universal pipe collar fits all styles of pipes on commercial singly-ply roofs and is available specifically for standard pipes with diameters of 1 ½, 2, 3 and 4 inches, to ensure that contractors will always have the right size pipe collar for every job.

“Our customers’ desire for a cone that offered them a one-size-fits-all solution was the driving force behind the introduction of this universal pipe collar,” explained Business Development Director, Logan Silver. “The slender style accommodates four different pipe diameters and any type of pipe – whether it be ABS, PVC, steel or copper.”

Save Time and Increase Revenue

Our universal design saves time and can increase revenue for contractors by decreasing the amount of time spent fabricating flashings on site. Since each pipe collar comes with a clamp, the new and improved round base eliminates the need for T-seam patches and reduces the number of probes needed in the weld.

Contractors who use Acme Cone’s prefabricated flashings benefit from more efficient and productive crews who aren’t spending unnecessary time flashing in the field. This leads to improved crew efficiency without having to sacrifice quality for speed, provides crews with the ability to get more work done without additional labor, and delivers increased revenue from additional jobs that can be completed due to saving time.

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