3 Reasons to Flash with Reinforced Scrim TPO
August 26, 2020 //

3 Reasons to Flash with Reinforced Scrim TPO

When it comes to roofing, quality flashing is paramount. At Acme Cone, we believe that proper roof flashing is an essential component of any successful roofing project. We’ve been in the business for a while and have found tremendous success when flashing with reinforced Scrim TPO! In this blog post, we’ll outline three compelling reasons why you should choose Acme Cone’s prefabricated roof flashings made from reinforced Scrim TPO and how they will revolutionize your flashing game.


1) Unmatched Performance

Flashing is crucial for protecting your roof from potential leaks and water damage. By opting for reinforced Scrim TPO, you’re investing in a superior product. Unlike traditional detail membranes, our reinforced Scrim TPO enhances the overall performance of your roofing system. The added reinforcement provides unparalleled strength, ensuring that your flashing will withstand the test of time. Be it drain pipes, scuppers, or any other penetration point, our flashing creates a robust barrier against water infiltration, giving you peace of mind in your completed roofing project.


2) Save Time, Maximize Efficiency 

Roofing projects often come with tight deadlines meaning every minute counts. With Acme Cone’s prefabricated roof flashing, you can save valuable time during installation. Our flashings are manufactured off-site using reinforced Scrim TPO, eliminating the need for on-site customization. This streamlined approach allows your crew to work more efficiently completing more tasks in the same amount of time. By opting for our prefabricated solution, you’ll experience smoother project execution, increased productivity, and ultimately, better profitability.


3) Cost-Effective 

Prioritizing quality is just as important as keeping within your project budget. At Acme Cone, we strike the balance between performance and affordability! Traditional detail membrane flashings can be expensive due to their complex composition and labor-intensive on-site manufacturing. In contrast, Acme’s prefabricated flashings leverage the benefits of reinforced Scrim TPO without breaking the bank! By choosing our cost-effective solution, you’ll not only receive a superior product but also enjoy significant savings on both material and labor costs. 


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