Proper roof drainage is critical to the performance of every flat roof. If a building's roof is designed with scuppers for water drainage, creating flashing on the job site can be time consuming and difficult. 

It's time to Flash Smarter. Our Thru-wall scuppers are ready to install and ideal for draining water from commercial low-slope roofs where the roof meets the parapet wall. We offer standard sizes fabricated with 24-gauge galvanized metal and 60-mil TPO or PVC. 

Our quality control and weld guarantee ensures that our scuppers will do the job and be watertight. Simply take a few measurements and weld the skirt to the wall. No more bending and cutting metal, applying a skirt and patches, placing and welding the flange.m

Custom options are also available for Thru walls, collector boxes and overflows. 

Custom Thru-Wall & Overflow Scuppers - Made to Order Roof Flashings