Every roof deserves to breathe while keeping water out at the same time.
You know that a properly ventilated roof is key to its performance and lifespan. The wrong or improper ventilation can lead to condensation and moisture build up that will cause the the system to prematurely fail.
The challenge lies in letting the roof have the vents it needs and flashing them properly to keep water out. Our prefabricated 60-mil TPO and PVC ventilation solution helps you solve that challenge quickly and easily.  38 Net Free Air.
Colors: White - TPO & PVC, Gray - TPO & PVC, Tan - PVC


• 8” Height
• 8” Diameter
• 4” Metal Flange 
• 7” Membrane Flange

Breather Vent specifics at https: Roof / Attic Vent – 38 sq . in. Net Free Area - Roofco (roofcomfg.com)