TPO & PVC Pipe Wrap Standard Flashing

At Acme Cone, we know how important it is to ensure pipes are properly wrapped to avoid long-term, costly damage to roofs. With our TPO and PVC pipe wraps, you can easily keep your roof free from water damage, moisture buildup, and subsequent mold or mildew. 

Our roof pipe flashings are made-to-order and expertly hand-weld for incredible durability and top-tier performance. Built from 60-mil TPO and PVC, these pipe wraps are engineered for easy installation so you don’t have to spend unnecessary time or energy securing roof penetrations. We offer sizing that ranges from 2” in diameter to 8” a handful of membrane and color options, as well as the option between split and non-split configurations.

Here at Acme Cone, your success is our number one priority. Save yourself time and money on any roofing project when you incorporate our TPO and PVC pipe wrap standard flashings!

H2: Things to Know [FAQ]

What Is A Roof Flashing?

A roof flashing is a type of seal set against low-slope roofs designed to properly route water off the surface and to keep water out of roof joints. 

What Are Acme Cone’s Flashings Made From?

Our roof flashings are built from PVC [polyvinyl chloride] and TPO [thermoplastic polyolefin]. We hand-inspect every vent and flashing built before we send them to customers to ensure success on any project.

What Types of Roof Flashings Does Acme Cone Produce?

We have several different types of roof flashings available for any problem you may encounter during a roofing project: 

H2: Need Something Else?

We offer all our products in standard, prefabricated sizes but know that your construction might need something different. That’s why we have our custom build page, so we can help you design products specific to your needs! 

Looking for something? We’re here to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call or request a quote today so we can keep your roof dry tomorrow. 

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TPO & PVC Pipe Wrap Standard Flashing