Proper roof drainage is critical to the performance of every flat roof. Without proper drainage systems, water can accumulate on roofs and cause long-term damage to both the structure of the roof and the rooms beneath it. 

If a building’s roof is designed with scuppers for water drainage, then you’re in business! However, creating roof flashings on a job site is time-consuming and difficult. You can easily waste precious time and rack up labor costs, slowing down your productivity rate and burning a hole in your pocket. 

At Acme Cone, we know how important efficiency is when it comes to roofing. That’s why our thru-wall and overflow scuppers come to you ready to install. We eliminate the hassle of assembling roof scuppers while you’re on the clock, freeing up your time and saving you money. 

Our quality control and weld guarantee ensure that our scuppers wild o the job and stay watertight. All there is to do is take a few measurements and weld the skirt to the wall! No more bending and cutting metal, applying a skirt and patches, or placing and welding the flange!

Things To Know [FAQ]

What Is A Thru-Wall Scupper?

A thru-wall scupper is a piece of metal designed to navigate water to appropriate exit points on roofs and protect against leaks. They are typically used alongside downspouts, gutters, and other drainage systems.

What Is An Overflow Scupper?

An overflow scupper is used in situations where water blockages occur. They usually are a part of a larger drainage system, as their purpose is to feed into downspouts, gutters, and other drain designs. 

What Are Acme Cone’s Flashings Made From?

Our roof flashings are built from PVC [polyvinyl chloride] and TPO [thermoplastic polyolefin]. We hand-inspect each and every vent and flashing built before we send them to customers to ensure success on any project.

What Types of Roof Flashings Does Acme Cone Produce?

We have several different types of roof flashings available for any problem you may encounter during a roofing project: 

  • Commercial Drains
  • Cone Flashings
  • Corner Flashings
  • Pipe Wrap Flashings
  • Tube Wrap Flashings
  • Vents

Need Something Else?

We offer all our products in standard, prefabricated sizes but know that your construction might need something different. That’s why we have our custom build page, so we can help you design products specific to your needs! 

Looking for something? We’re here to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call or request a quote today so we can keep your roof dry tomorrow. 

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