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Made in the USA

Acme Cone was born out of a roofing contractor’s need to solve a problem he was experiencing in the field. Curt Large, owner of Evergreen Roofing, a respected commercial roofing contractor in the Pacific Northwest, saw that his single-ply crews were spending a lot of time flashing the penetrations on the roof. They were fighting wind and temperature variations that made the membrane difficult to manipulate.

He decided to try prefabricating the flashings in his shop instead of asking his crews to make them in the field. The results were astounding. By creating the flashings ahead of time, his crews reduced the amount of time spent flashing by half on every installation! Other contractors quickly became interested in using prefabricated flashings and Acme Cone was born in 2007 to meet the demand.

Not only do contractors save time on installing flashing, but the years have proven that the customers are benefitting as well. Because the flashings are made in a controlled environment and hand welded, the quality is unsurpassed. Acme Cone’s flashings have experienced zero failures since the company began making them ten years ago. 

In addition to its standard flashings, Acme Cone is able to fabricate custom flashing for any unique penetration on a rooftop, wall or even below grade.


Our Team

We've got some great team members here at Acme Cone but the faces that you will see most often in the field belong to Tim Luck and Logan Silver.  Tim is the CFO and in charge of operations at Acme Cone. Before joining the company, Tim spent several years at IB roofing systems in Texas.

Logan joined the Acme Cone team to focus on business development. He's no stranger to roofing either, having started his roofing career as the yard boy at Evergreen Roofing. Logan went to college in Boston and spent a few years there after graduation before heading back home to Oregon to take on this role with Acme. 

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Logan Silver

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Tim Luck