Outside Corner Flashing

The last thing a roof needs is water seeping into places it shouldn’t. The corners of roofs are just as susceptible to water damage as skylights, vents, and chimneys and it’s Acme Cone’s mission to protect them. 

Our outside corner roof flashing has been developed to ensure enduring protection against adverse weather conditions for any outer roof corner. With its sleek, effective seal, this flashing efficiently weatherproofs any roof. Leave you and your clients confident in the health and longevity of their roof when you protect it with Acme Cone’s outside corner flashing today!

Dimensions: 6"H, 6"D, 6"f


Things To Know [FAQ]

What Is An Outside Corner Flashing?

An outside corner roof flashing is a piece of PVC or TPO that acts as a layer of protection underneath standard wall flashings. Our standard outside corner flashing is 6”x6”, and quickly makes any corner resistant to pesky leaks and damages caused by the presence of water. 

What Are Acme Cone’s Flashings Made From?

Our roof flashings are built from PVC [polyvinyl chloride] and TPO [thermoplastic polyolefin]. We hand-inspect each and every vent and flashing built before we send them to customers to ensure success on any project.

What Types of Roof Flashings Does Acme Cone Produce?

We have several different types of roof and corner flashings available for any problem you may encounter during a roofing project: 

  • Commercial Drains
  • Cone Flashings
  • Corner Flashings
  • Scupper Flashings
  • Tube Wrap Flashings
  • Vents 

We offer these products in standard sizes but know that your construction might need something different. That’s why we have our custom build page, so we can help you design products specific to your needs! 

Need something else? We’re here to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call or request a quote today so we can keep your roof dry tomorrow. 

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