International Roofing Expo 2024
May 01, 2024 //

International Roofing Expo 2024

This past February, I had the opportunity to accompany Head of Marketing & Sales, Rick Montoya, & Acme Cone Ops Manager Andy Legendre to the International Roofing Expo Sponsored By NRCA in Las Vegas, NV. For the last few years, Rick & Andy have been making the pilgrimage from Eugene, OR to Vegas for the Expo to connect with longtime customers and show their prefabricated roofing cones to interested prospects. This year, the Acme Cone Company booth was at the entrance of the expo hall, which brought a ton of roofers and project managers past our neatly displayed roofing cones right as the Las Vegas Expo hall doors opened. 

It was pretty incredible to see Rick & Andy in their element discussing the benefits of having prefabricated & custom cones, scuppers, and vents just one call away. I was also impressed by how the Acme Cone design and construction was significantly better than what these roofers had seen before. I can’t even count how many times a roofer would ask Andy or Rick “wow that’s so cool, how did you come up with that?” These comments come at no surprise to me knowing that Acme Cone is a business started by roofers in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, where it rains almost everyday the majority of the year. If you don’t have solid roofing construction in Oregon, leaks will come fast. 

In the evenings, I tagged along to dinners with Rick, Andy, and some of their longtime clients, who are at this point close friends. Hearing from some of Acme Cone’s clients also showed me how good customer service and quality products can keep business relationships strong for years. 

I have managed Acme Cone’s digital presence for years, which is no-doubt important - but I’ll tell you what - nothing beats meeting folks face to face, sharing some laughs, and talking shop. 


- Ken W., Senior Digital Strategist at Adpearance