Pitch Pans

6" Pitch Pan (2-piece split):

  • 6" Diameter

  • 2" Height

  • 6" Flange

If you require different dimensions, please specify. 

9" Pitch Pan (2-piece split)

  • 9" Diameter

  • 2" Height

  • 6" Flange

12" Pitch Pan (2-piece split)

  • 12" Diameter

  • 2" Height

  • 6" Flange


Easily seal vertical penetrations using our prefabricated pitch pans. 

Since most roof failures occur at points of penetration, it's critical to have a high-quality pitch pan that will perform on the rooftop. Also known as pitch pockets, our standard sizes are hand welded and made from 60-mil TPO and PVC. 

Using our prefabricated pitch pans results in your crews not having to sacrifice quality for time savings. Your customer will get the same high-performing, hand-welded seal around every rooftop protrusion. 

Three standard sizes are available to meet the requirements for most pourable sealers, mastics or cements.  Custom sizes are also available, please contact us for more information.




Pitch pans are ideal for sealing protrusions that are difficult to flash. While pitch pans have been used for years, ours are cleaner and perform better because they are made with clad metal and a sturdy skirt as opposed to models that are injection molded.

Our pitch pans are slightly adjustable, rigid, easy to install and can also be made to custom fit any protusion. 


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