Tackle HVAC units and sleepers quickly and easily with our custom solutions.

Rooftop equipment and HVAC units come in all shapes and sizes depending on the needs of the individual building. Some commercial rooftop equipment will be installed on sleepers and others will be installed directly on the rooftop.

Our custom-fabricated boxes and sleeper boxes are manufactured to your precise specifications and hand welded in our controlled factory environment to ensure the highest quality and performance.  



Closed-top sleeper boxes are available by request in any size. Great for equipment platforms or blocks and when combined with a support they can be utilized as snow guards. Also available in tapered options! Sleepers are made to order for your specific needs.


Curb wraps can be made split, non-split, 2 piece, and 4 piece. A quick easy fix for a variety of HVAC units, our pre-fab curbs are sure to be one of the biggest time savers out in the field. Curb wraps are made to order for your specific needs.



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