Commercial Roofing Solutions

Made by roofers,
Made for roofers.

Acme Cone was founded by Curt Large, owner of Evergreen Roofing, as a solution to help his crews be more efficient in the field. He quickly discovered that the pre-made flashings were a higher quality and consistency versus what the crews were making on site. As other roofing contractors learned of his solution, the demand grew and Acme Cone Company was established in 2007.

We offer a full line of standard, in-stock prefabricated flashings, all made from 60-mil TPO or PVC, and hand welded for the highest quality. Standard items include cones, corners, drains, edge metal, pipe wraps, pitch pans, scuppers, square wraps, and ventilation flashings.

Our custom manufacturing process uses a precision-cutting CNC to process rolls of membrane. This ensures accuracy down to 1/16 of an inch for the best possible, watertight fit. Our team can tackle nearly any obstacle you may come across in the field no matter how large, small or difficult. Measure it, snap a photo and we’ll make it.  

American Made,
High Quality

Acme Cone Company manufactures the industry’s highest quality prefabricated standard and custom flashings for single-ply roofs. Each flashing is hand welded and subject to a rigorous quality inspection, as evidenced by the fact that in ten years of manufacturing flashings, the company has experienced zero failures.

Flash Smarter

Contractors using Acme Cone’s prefabricated flashings benefit from more efficient and productive crews who aren’t spending unnecessary time creating flashings in the field. This leads to:

  • More efficient crews who don’t sacrifice quality for speed

  • The ability to get more work done without additional labor

  • Increased revenue from additional jobs that can be completed due to time savings


Acme Cone surprised me with their product, and their service - top quality on both fronts.
— John L., Satisfied repeat customer
“When there is a boot that takes an hour to flash and we can reduce that to a 20-minute install, that is 40 extra minutes we get to be moving the job along.”
— Joe B. , Satisfied repeat customer