Is there a minimum order quantity or do stock products come in pre-counted boxes?

There are no restrictions on quantity for custom or standard products. That means you can order exactly what you need.

If I’m ordering a round flashing, do I use circumference or diameter?

Diameter! Always diameter. 

Is freight included in the price of the flashings?

Freight is not included in the cost of the product.

How are flashings shipped? 

We ship using FedEx as well as larger LTL and FTL services. If you have a preferred company or you already have an account you would like to use please let us know. 

Is there a warranty or guarantee on your flashings?

Yes. We offer a one-year limited warranty. See the warranty page on our website for more information.

How detailed do I need to be when ordering custom products?

Because we form our products to exact measurements of your penetration for a perfect fit, it is imperative that we get the most accurate dimensions possible.

What if what I need does not conform to one of the categories on the quote sheet?

Rather than trying to use one of the categories listed, use a blank piece of paper and draw out what it is that you need, or for the less artistically inclined, take a photo of the penetration. Photos and drawings are always appreciated.

Are there any size limitations on flashings?

Not that we’ve come across yet! We’ve made flashings for 30 ft diameter rotundas and curbs as long as 40 ft.