Learn How this Contractor Completed 38 More Commercial Jobs per Year – with No Additional Labor!

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Using products that are premade saves time. In an industry where skilled labor is increasingly hard to come by, being able to handle a heavy project schedule is becoming increasingly more difficult. If you’re not leveraging innovative technology to your advantage in today’s world, you may be leaving a significant amount of money on the table.

Enter Prefabricated PVC & TPO Flashing

Designed to maximize efficiency, prefabricated, ready-to-use flashing decreases installation time and your overall time on the job. Rather than cut the membrane in the field and piece together a roof flashing, the crew simply grabs the ready-to-use cone and welds it in place. Sounds faster, right? It is. We conducted a time and value study aimed at demonstrating the efficiency improvement and cost savings to roofing businesses as a result of using our products.

A Real World Example

We met with a roofing contractor to put together some real-world numbers to examine how using Acme Cone products affected his business. His company completed about 300 commercial jobs per year, with four crews for a total gross revenue of $7 million per year. Each crew installed about 75 jobs per year with each installation averaging about 3.3 days. They spent an average of six hours per job installing field-fabricated flashings.

Introducing Acme Cone flashings into the installation reduced the six hours per job that was spent on flashing to three hours per job. If we assume that the crews are working each of the 250 available working days throughout the year, by using prefabricated flashings, they have reduced their length of days for each installation from 3.3 days to 3.0 days.

By getting back that one-third of a day, that crew that was previously installing 75 jobs per year can now do 84.5 jobs in that same year – without increasing the labor costs. The average revenue per job is $23,333, so adding 9.5 additional jobs adds another $221,663.5 of revenue throughout the year from just one crew.

If all four crews used Acme Cone flashings the roofing contractor would increase the total number of jobs completed in a year from 300 to 338 using the same amount of manpower. The company’s gross revenue would increase by $887,324 bumping the gross revenue from $7 million to $7,887,324.

Want to Know What the Numbers Would Look Like for Your Business?

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