Grow Your Roofing Business’ Profits in 2019 By Cutting Installation Time in Half


If your New Year’s resolution was to install more jobs and grow your business this year, there are ways to accomplish this without having to hire additional crews. Working smarter and more efficiently by using Acme Cone prefabricated field wraps and flashings is one way to do it.

While it may seem obvious that something made ahead of time would be quicker to install, you might be surprised to find out exactly how much time you can save.

Prefabricated Roof Flashing Study

A recent study we conducted shows how our field wraps and flashings can reduce installation times in half, allowing you to complete more jobs throughout the year. Watch our study to learn more.

Our study’s results show that when the TPO prefabricated curb wrap was installed beside a field-fabricated curb wrap, the field-fabricated wrap took twice as long to install. Meanwhile, the installation using the prefabricated curb wrap realized a 94%-time savings!

In addition to the time savings that can greatly reduce field labor costs, the Acme Cone prefabricated flashings are easy to install, offer a high-quality, precision fit, and are available in a reinforced membrane for added durability.

The next study compared the Acme Cone Prefabricated TPO Pipe Flashing to a field fabricated pipe flashing. It too provided significant time savings that greatly reduced labor costs. The final time test compared the TPO Prefabricated Square Flashing. Much like the other tests, it consistently showed that the installation takes about half of the time that it would take an experienced technician to install the field fabricated flashings.

Try Our TPO Roofing Flashings & Accessories

At Acme Cone, you’ll find the best solution for productive, high-quality, single ply roofing installations. Try out our TPO roofing products on your next job and do your own study to see how much time you’ll save in the field. Contact us today for a free quote or place an order online.