Do Prefabricated Flashings Offer a Higher Quality than Those Made in the Field?

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Flashings made in the field or on the job site can run the risk of faulty seams, external contamination, and a longer time on the roof cleaning up scraps and debris.

How We Make Custom Roof Flashings

Acme Cone fabricates roof flashings in a controlled factory environment. These prefabricated flashings feature better seams for improved performance and provide an easier and faster installation process for roofing crews.

Product quality is of the utmost importance to the team at Acme Cone, which is why we make each prefabricated flashing in-house. We guarantee the best fit because we use a precision cutting CNC process to ensure the rolls of membrane are cut to the specified size (accurate down to a 16th of an inch). Each flashing consists of high-quality PVC or TPO roofing material and offers waterproof protection. If you’re looking for flashings that are durable and built to last. Acme Cone’s pre-made flashings are your solution.

Contractors Love Our Products

Sean Weeks of Centimark Boise said, “I have been using custom pipe and curb flashing from Acme Cone for years. They create specialty items for us that speed up production. They deliver on time and they produce the highest quality flashings. Our jobs are more profitable by saving time and our customers are impressed with the final result.”

Contact us to try a scupper or another TPO or PVC prefabricated flashing to see the quality for yourself.