About Us

Made in the USA

Acme Cone is an established single ply flashing manufacturer focused on customization to suit the needs of each individual customer. Before its inception, Acme Cone already had 15+ years of commercial roofing experience in the northwestern United States. ‘Made by roofers, for roofers’ –this is the motto that the founding members of Acme Cone brought with them from their years in the field. Those years give Acme Cone the insight into a diverse industry that no other flashing manufacturer can match. Directly servicing both distributors and contractors all around the national and international market, Acme Cone has quickly become a common name in the industry.

Quality & Customization. Leading in product quality, Acme Cone hand welds every product rather than relying on dielectric technology. This results in the best and most waterproof flashings on the market. Because we work with most major manufacturers, there are virtually no limitations to what can be created.

Accuracy. Using a precision cutting CNC to process rolls of membrane, flashings are accurate down to a 16th of an inch. This insures the best possible fit. Acme’s development team can tackle nearly any feasible obstacle a roofer may come across in the field.

Additional information about Acme Cone Company, LLC

  • DUNS number: 946480923
  • Oregon Department of State Corporation Registry number: 421580-97 
  • Relevant NAICS numbers:
    • 423330 - Roofing materials (except wood) merchant wholesalers
    • 326299 - Roofing (i.e., single ply rubber membrane) manufacturing
  • Relevant SIC numbers:
    • 50330100 - Roofing And Siding Materials
    • 30699915 - Roofing, Membrane Rubber
  • Year founded: 2007